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A Quieter Kind

--by mindyjourney, posted May 11, 2022

A moment’s pause from the stack of books beside my chair, leads my focus to outside, where signs of spring are feeding: American goldfinches are turning more golden, a robin takes a quick dip in the heated birdbath.

I am finding a new, quieter kind in my rebalancing.

Still folding and giving flocks of origami Peace Doves, with an emphasis on Ukraine Doves lately.

I still enjoy an occasional early morning baking, with sharing in mind. I also keep our seven backyard bird-feeders filled.

I offer my widowed brother-in-law a meal every week and replenish the fresh flowers on the “altar” mantle where my sister's ashes reside in a beautifully hand-crafted wooden box.

Time is spent editing and assembling pamphlets for sister’s Celebration of Life service scheduled for late May.

Making progress, both infinitesimal and great, in guiding my other newly relocated sister to a fresh start in the area, which is teaching me patience, the steadfastness of persistence and the need for constant regrouping.

Being a receptacle of such generosity and gratitude, within the outrageous uncertainty of frustration and fear, is helping me understand the meaning of grief, surrender, the depth of compassion, forgiveness and the need for kindness
No matter how quiet, I am here.

Grateful, blessed and learning some very deep lessons.

Thank you for your condolences, support, prayers and respecting my quieter introspection. 🙏 
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JustRose wrote: I admire you.
Balou wrote: Thank you for all your kindness ... and your patience with your sister while still grieving yourself and slowly getting adjusted again .... and all the while nourishing those birds 🥰💕🕊
Mish wrote: With you, twinnie ❤️
pluto178 wrote: One day it will all feel balanced again until then keep on going and being yourself its all anyone can ask x
Margazhi wrote: From what you explain, it sounds already outstanding ... I will burn out if I were you ... In fact, I did, lol. Sending you a lot of 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Rajni wrote: From your post I learn that Equanimity sustains life. Life goes on. It may take a while to get on fast track of kindness. Sister Mindy, your presence is felt even when you were pausing. Welcome back. Have a wonderful day.
SissyLee wrote: Love to you.
Drewtopian_1 wrote: Today I started reading DEAR FREEDOM WRITER. it's a book about real people. I'd tell the Freedom Writers about this website if I could. Maybe they'd even join us.
fairykats wrote: (((((((((((((((((((Mindy)))))))))))))))) what a lovely sharing. Thank you.
ado wrote: What Rajni said haha. I can't top that.

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