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Birthday Celebration By Serving

--by Butterkind, posted May 12, 2022
On my birthday, I visited the Gurudwara with my husband and son and spent some time sitting quietly and listening to the uplifting kirtan sung by the musicians. We then did sewa (service) by serving food to the visitors. Finally, we enjoyed the langar (food) and gave some donations, and then returned home. I am grateful that this serving opportunity is so close to my house as I enjoy serving and so does my family. It is really a blessing.
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Mish wrote: Happy Birthday, Butterkind & what a LOVEly way to celebrate ❤️
Rajni wrote: You and your family understood well, the importance of serving others and serving others with heart in it, You did a very good job.

Happy Birthday. May you always have enough happiness at your life to keep you sweet, enough trials and errors to keep you strong, enough success to keep you trying, enough faith to give you courage and enough determination to make each day a good day to remember. Happy Birthday!!! Have a Great Life.
pluto178 wrote: I agree if you meditate 24 hours a day you have no time for life itself….x
dotmatrix wrote: Happy birthday, Butterkind! Service is a beautiful way to celebrate. Sewa. I like that word. I love the idea that work is purification too. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday, my friend! 🎂

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