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Brownies Week

--by lewski711, posted May 17, 2022

Brownies Week has begun! Gary and Catherine of my local radio station were the recipients of my first batch this morning, but Catherine wasn't in. Hopefully Gary saved a few crumbs for her...Yes, they're that good! 🤣

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JustRosey wrote: Feelin vibes of kindness here! And made brownies as well. Decided there was enough to gift a special sister, who is always in a pinch for money-obsession? And now she's vegan. Surely all nature, made with organic cocoa, bran flour, is eggless and gluten free, a no gmo product and makes an edible brownie. Simply amazing for her to enjoy. Thanks for the motivation!
pluto178 wrote: Tasty x
Mish wrote: Kindness brownies 👌🏻💕
dotmatrix wrote: Nice! ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Those are special brownies! :)))
Rajni wrote: Hope brownies inspire Gary and Catherine to broadcast more kindness stories.
Balou wrote: Yum!

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