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Easter gifts

--by Annc, posted May 18, 2022
I found some packages of small stress balls and squishy toys in the Easter basket stuffers bin at a local store and everything was half off!   Each package included 12 small toys.  They would make wonderful small gifts for kids in restaurants, Dr.'s office etc (With their parent's permission of course). I gave a couple of the balls to two kids at a restaurant where we stopped for lunch.

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pluto178 wrote: Great idea x
Mish wrote: Kind & fun! Bless.
TheHuman wrote: Great🙂
drjoybug wrote: Nice idea. Thanks for sharing
Helenconnell2 wrote: What a lovely thing to do
cheeka wrote: That's a very nice act! thank you
mindyjourney wrote: I’m sure the children so enjoyed your giving! thank you :)

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