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Awarding My Students For Their Personal Growth

--by lewski711, posted May 21, 2022
For the last 25 years, I have surprised my students after ‘Improvement Week’ with a celebration. Today was that day.

The Students focus on six areas for personal growth: absences, homework, spelling, times tests, grammar and reading fluency. They just try to do better than before.

Little do they know I have procured items for their areas of improvement: dictionaries, watches, calculators, books, etc., as well as donations from local businesses for eateries, mini golf, and more. 
The ones that improved in all six areas receive a plaque.
They don’t expect this, and it made them feel good. 

This fits all the Random Acts of Kindness criteria. (The faces of those without masks in the photo have been blurred. They don't look that way.)

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DANCE wrote: Excellent way to encourage education and kindness
pluto178 wrote: My junior school teacher rewarded us all if we achieved our goals even those at the bottom of the class were able to celebrate moving up one seat he was truly amazing x
Balou wrote: Nice encouragement!
Mish wrote: You are one amazing teacher, Lewski. Bless.
cheeka wrote: Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.
Rajni wrote: You encourage and appreciate your students to be ideal students is commendable. As a teacher and a human being, you get A+. May other teachers get inspired.
dotmatrix wrote: ♥.
drjoybug wrote: Wonderful ❣️
mindyjourney wrote: What a positive impact you make on your students, my friend. well done!

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