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Happy Spring!

--by cabbage, posted Jun 11, 2022
Noticed a park ranger working hard to repaint some benches....went back to bring her a bottle of water. She said "are you sure?" and I said of course and thanked her for what she was doing.

At the grocery store I had too many items for the "express" checkout lane so I was waiting in the next line when the cashier for the express waved me over and said "if you help me bag, we'll get this done quick" --I looked around and there was no one else waiting for her line so I said okay, and then I told her that I usually bag my own groceries anyway! She said " I know you do....I remember you always help, that's why I waved you over--not everyone does" I was so touched! I was through her line in two minutes!

Organizing a block party for next weekend to send off a neighbor who is moving--made flyers and put them in everyone's mailboxes and will chalk up the streets next week. Contacted a friend of the neighbor who doesn't live in our circle to see if she could also attend but she will be out of town then.

Sent an amazon gift card that I had received to a former student who is going through financial difficulties.

Dropped off flowers to an elderly neighbor celebrating her birthday

Left a plant at the doorstep of another neighbor (anonymously).

Shared info about inspiring events with many people

Wrote a letter of thanks to my doctor
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pluto178 wrote: Thoughtful x
Mish wrote: You always find ways to help make our world a kinder place, dear cabbage. Bless 🙏
mindyjourney wrote: How can you even remember all these kind acts?? :)))). Thank you for being the change we want to see in the world!
Rajni wrote: Kindness springs happily from your heart. You are doing a very good job.
janfour wrote: outstanding!!
scully wrote: Wow cabbage,.,when do you sleep? Nice acts of kindness, loved reading it all

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