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Unexpected Returns

--by brindlegirl, posted Jun 11, 2022
We live next door to two ladies. Meg and Lexi. Both widowed, both in their late 70’s possibly even 80’s.

I don’t know them very well, I don’t even know if they have children or are mothers. But I felt really called and inspired to gift these two lovely ladies.

So last night I wrote out on the most beautiful hand painted card of tulips words of love and appreciation, and at 3pm today went over to gift them both.
Turns out I was the one blessed back.

Lexi noticing my voice and after explaining to her to keep her distance (as I have symptoms of a cold throat tickle and sneezing) goes to her fridge and pulls out a jar of something big and yellow.

It’s “quinine” she tells me. During this Covid season I’ve always got a batch on hand.

I look at her with a facial expression of “what the?” And she explains to me just what this homemade concoction is.

It’s made from organic grapefruit and lemons and stewed on a stove for many hours. And apparently was used many years ago for fighting malaria and all sorts of bacterial infections?

I happily took the little glass of it she gave me and as soon as I got home took it as a shot. Tastes quite bitter and odd.

Yet this isn’t what this is about.

What got me most here is how I had went over to bless thesetwo ladies yet in return I was the one being blessed!

Life hey?

And Love. It seems to follow you everywhere ♥️
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DANCE wrote: Very kind
Margazhi wrote: I never take bitter taste for anything less than healthy when it comes to foods 😊
pluto178 wrote: Life is so strange at times and yet wonderful x
Mish wrote: The gift came full circle. Beautiful ❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Very beautiful!
mindyjourney wrote: When we give WE are the ones who receive :)))).
Rajni wrote: A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that gives roses
janfour wrote: how nice to give and recieve!
butterkind wrote: That is a pleasant surprise and shows how kind the Universe is.
scully wrote: Way to go brindlegirl! May your giving spirit and creativity continue to bless others

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