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Surrounded by Beauty

--by Butterkind, posted Jun 11, 2022

My friend who has traveled and driven to so many places when she was young cannot drive anymore due to some nerve problem in the hand. She wanted to go and see the Iris garden with full blooms.

So we drove and spent the day together. The garden is on the mountain and after seeing the most amazing colors of Irises we had tea and snacks together on the benches overlooking the wide mountain and sky landscape.

It was lovely to learn about her place where she grew in Malaysia and how the school had subjects for life skills such as cooking, baking, arranging tables and beds, crafting and exhibitions of their work. She was delighted to talk and me delighted to hear about her resourceful ways and craftswork back then.

I kept Mindy’s peace dove and Rajni’s quote card on the table with donation to the lovely garden owner before leaving their garden.
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DANCE wrote: so beautiful to see those doves and kind cards all over the world, read about the connections we all make
Mish wrote: What a lovely place, Butterkind! And what a nice way to spend time together. Beautiful ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Such a wonderful space to enjoy flowers with a friend. :)))
brindlegirl wrote: Thank you for blessing this place with love <3
Helenconnell2 wrote: Sounds beautiful!
Balou wrote: A beautiful time spent together, and really a lovely garden!
pluto178 wrote: Stunning x
dotmatrix wrote: How lovely. ♥.
cabbage wrote: What a beautiful way to spend time together--and thanks for the photo! Gorgeous :-)

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