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Making Friends

--by Mish, posted Jun 12, 2022
Wednesday Park Adventure

So, today I smiled snd shared a hearty hello to a very petite, elderly Asian woman, whose face truly lit up (thank goodness I had sunglasses on, lol! 🕶).

She told me she’s from Taiwan 🇹🇼 , here in the States 40 years. Her name is Cecilia & she’s very ‘with it’….she asked me if I ever heard the song Cecilia 🎶 I sure did…it’s one of my fave songs by Paul Simon.

She shared “no one smiles of says hello to her” in the park. Well Harv does & so do I 👍

She’s so adorable…a little munchkin who walks around our local park most days.
Glad I got to say hello to her today 😎

Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia (2021 Remaster) - YouTube

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1999 wrote: The never ending tour of kindness.
pluto178 wrote: Huge fan of those boys……….glad you made Cecilias day x
mindyjourney wrote: Another nice contact via getting OUT and smiling 🙂.
Rajni wrote: You parked your heart at the right place Cecilia.
janfour wrote: so nice - i love that song
cheeka wrote: What a nice way of making Cecila's day!
SissyLee wrote: I am so happy you spoke to her and she smiled.
brindlegirl wrote: Mish. This here is what the world needs. Nothing fancy. Not gifts but a simple 'hello I see you, you matter and are valuable' and your conversation with this lady did exactly that.
unknown wrote: Thank you for connecting with her ❣️
DANCE wrote: Such a lovely connection

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