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Kindness is healthy

--by lewski711, posted Jun 12, 2022
Thought I'd share this with you. My students, as one of their assignments, need to do a slide presentation about April Random Acts of Kindness. There's a bar graph and a pie chart that show the types of kindness they did (gave, said, did).
The last slide was about what they learned in April. I got cool things like:
• Kindness is easy.
• It makes the world better.
• Kindness makes people happy.
But my favorite that a few students put on their slide was "Kindness is good for our bodies and helps us live longer." What?! They were listening? ❤️

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Helenconnell2 wrote: So beautiful!
Mish wrote: You lead by example 👌🏻❤️
Balou wrote: An important lesson to learn!!!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU for being such a kind leader and teacher 💕.
Rajni wrote: Kindness matters. Our health matters to kindness.
janfour wrote: great responses!!
cheeka wrote: You have been a great teacher!
brindlegirl wrote: Kindness opens ears and as well as hearts xox
Kmbhai wrote: Agree..

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