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Start By Believing

--by dotmatrix, posted Jun 18, 2022
You have no idea how powerful the words, "I believe you" can be.

I am honored to have had my story chosen to share among other survivors by this terrific organization.

Survivor Voices
End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI)
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cabbage wrote: Sending you gratitude and hugs--thank you for your courage in sharing your story. You are absolutely right--just having someone say "i believe you" is so important. Sending you lots of love and big big hugs.
Tintin wrote: This is very wonderful
Trecelito Tamayo wrote: Wow! Nice creaation
Mish wrote: Proud of you, Dot ❤️ And love the picture you chose there 😉
pluto178 wrote: On a counselling course once a young girl talked in a monotone voice and she expected me to talk about the subject when she finished but I just said what I am getting here is that you don’t think I believe you but I do………what a breakthrough that was.. sometimes our indifference or inability to relate can cause so much damage but you have to listen and hear the truth of what they are saying…….support is only required until strength returns and you can stand alone again……..always listed. X
Balou wrote: Dot, I am very, very proud of you, what a contribution! And yes, those words, "I believe you" or something similar, the recognition of what happened, the acknowledgement of the hurt has helped me as well to go on, to find ways out of deep places .... still, it's an absolute shame on our society that a website like this is necessary .... my heart goes out to all of us having had to experience abuse in any form ....
Kmbhai wrote: Proud of you..
mindyjourney wrote: Dear dot, you are a warrior of kindness, courage and strength. Grateful for your wisdom in sharing your story. Bless all who are challenged similarly. 💕 🙏
Rajni wrote: I am happy that your story is chosen. We are proud of you. Your hard work and belief worked well for you. We all know that BELIEF IS half war won. Thanks for sharing your joy with us, Dot.
kat94 wrote: Sending lots of love your way 💕

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