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Opening Up

--by Balou, posted Jun 18, 2022

An acquaintance of mine, who is quite ill and has been withdrawing quite a lot during the last 9 months (not only towards me but towards all of her friends and acquaintances), finally responded to my messages.
We agreed to meet again, so now please cross your fingers that she won't again cancel at the last minute. I keep my fingers crossed. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
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Helenconnell2 wrote: I hope and pray you connect with her.
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like depression has struck and they just want to be in their own company………I use the words separation union for this you can be alone so long as you stay in touch so people know your okay ……..but better still reach out and have a natter there is nothing better for them………I hope it goes well and you get the chance to work some magic. X
gardengal10 wrote: Little steps.
Mish wrote: You are a good friend, Balou. May she find her peace 🙏
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your persistence, my friend!
Rajni wrote: Have positive thoughts about successful meeting with her. Wish you all the best.
fairykats wrote: Dear Balou, it can be hard to have a sick friend. You are doing the right thing and I hope it goes well!
unknown wrote: Dear, even if she does, you have done a fabulous job. Glad that she has given herself a chance. May she be able to air her mind 🙏
DANCE wrote: May you enjoy each other's presence

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