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Gratitude and Relaxation 🎈

--by Margazhi, posted Jun 18, 2022
After 47 days of agonizing wait, M saw to it that the final outstanding sum was identified with the Telecom company within 4 working days. Phew 😅

I handed my favourite incense box to this young lady who put my stress to an end. I sat in the Basilica nearby for some time and felt overwhelming gratitude to the Divine for settling this finally. Took another route to sight-see my city and bought hot snacks on my way back home for both me and mum. Now is the best time to curl up like a cat and sleep 😴
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Mish wrote: Great!!! 👍
mindyjourney wrote: So grateful it was resolved! Those outstanding sums can really REALLY add up. Incense box gift is such a kind gesture too. Thank you.
Rajni wrote: Like burning incense, your troubling wait burned out leaving fragrance of gratitude for you.
Helenconnell2 wrote: It's wonderful when someone takes the time to resolve an issue.
Balou wrote: Glad it finally was resolved! Happy for every help coming your way!
DANCE wrote: Pleased for your resolution

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