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Earth Kindness

--by patjos, posted Jun 18, 2022
Took a walk along my country road today to see how the cuttings I'd stuck in the ground were coming along, or to see whether they'd survived or not. They have! It must have taken root as the buds have healthy little shoots growing.
It is so easy to do. Take a cutting 12 inches or more long, stick it in the ground, water it if you can. Hey presto! Elder work the same as Willow it seems.  Can't see to upload a picture :(
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Mish wrote: Well done 👌🏻
brindlegirl wrote: This here has to be one of my favourite acts of kindness!!!
fairykats wrote: lovely!
kmbhai wrote: beautiful..
pluto178 wrote: If you do the same with a rose your garden can be overflowing. Plant ten you might get five but they are free and just coming from the cuttings and you also have lots to give away to friends too. Although after a few years of doing it they tend to run the other way when they see you coming………there is only so much giving you can do lol. Well done for this though I have a hawthorne growing from a cutting and will be pruning it this year and will pop the cuttings into the hedges nearby that have gaps. X
mindyjourney wrote: You have nothing on Johnny Appleseed! 🌳
Balou wrote: Oh, I so hope you'll be able to upload a photo of your cuttings!
DANCE wrote: I love that you this and share!

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