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Leave the Place Better Than You Found It!

--by brindlegirl, posted Jun 18, 2022
Went shopping with my sons today and as usual the changing rooms were in quite a state of mess. So I picked up clothes from other cubicles that were not ours.

It’s nothing special, don’t thank me. To me it’s common decency to leave a place the way it was when you arrived and not litter or leave mess everywhere.

Grateful for hands and a heart willing to pick up another’s mess.

And grateful to have snapped a cheeky photo of eldest son and I 🥰

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Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely!
pluto178 wrote: Wow he has grown so much ………….typical comment from the elderly but he has lol x
mindyjourney wrote: Agree! He has grown sooo much :). And of course, why wouldn’t we leave a space better than it was? :)))Thank you.
Mish wrote: I love your spirit…kindness & fun 👌🏻😘
Rajni wrote: You are planting seeds of kindness in your sons. One day it will blossom into a BIG tree. You all did a very good job, People need lower prices on clothing but they increase it unknowingly by leaving mesh. That costs shopper to clean up.
Balou wrote: 😂 great photo 😉! ... and yes, I agree with you, for me it is as well normal to pick up after myself and maybe pick up the mess around me made by others as well .... i mean there are usually racks for the clothes nearby, how hard is it to put them there? .... thanks for making your area a bit more kind ... and for setting a great example for your son(s)
petroskryf wrote: Your sons learn from you ... thank you for being such a great mom and example to them. 👏🏻🌸
ado wrote: Thank you hahaha It was great thing you did. Hope your sons found what they were looking for. Great pic.

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