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Benevolent And Caring Universe

--by Mish, posted Jun 18, 2022
After a stressful morning yesterday, just when I felt a great need for upliftment the Universe sent two kindnesses to us almost simultaneously!

Within a minute or two of each other kindness came a calling ☎️ & a knocking 🚪

Friends called to invite us over for dinner & while on the phone with them, the doorbell rang and our neighbor brought over her Friday full course meal!

I smiled to myself and felt gratitude 🙏

❤️The Universe is a great reader of souls.

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Readers Comments

cabbage wrote: You are always such a giver of kindness, i am so happy to hear that kindness was given back to you at the right time when you needed it! Sending you lots of love.
pluto178 wrote: Ah I love this……..Universe appreciation cannot be beaten x
Helenconnell2 wrote: So beautiful!
mindyjourney wrote: Well, at least you won’t starve! :))). Very kind offers and gifts 💕.
Rajni wrote: Twice is nice, enjoy them both, Mish with your hubby.
gardengal10 wrote: The universe knows!
Margazhi wrote: Glad to see you both divinely compensated ...
Balou wrote: Sorry you have had a stressful morning, but I am doubly grateful that you received those calls and visits!
petroskryf wrote: Indeed loving kindness from the Universe.🧡💞💜
brindlegirl wrote: The universe has our back as they say ...

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