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Food, Friends, and Visiting

--by Mish, posted Jun 21, 2022
We were invited to dinner at a friend’s home. Our contribution to the soon-to-be delicious meal was a bottle of wine & a cinnamon babka. They are generous, gracious hosts & the chef loves to try different recipes & takes pride in her presentation of the table.

While there I went upstairs to their 97 year old mother’s apartment to visit her. It’s not often an easy visit as she has some dementia & tells me the same stories each time I visit, but I listen to her as if it’s the first time I’m hearing her story. I try to cheer her up a bit when she goes to a sad place. Most times I can get her to smile, or even to laugh. ❤️

It was a relaxing evening with old friends who live nearby. Grateful. 🙏

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cabbage wrote: So glad that you had a nice evening with friends and gave your loving presence to the elderly mother-- :-)
mindyjourney wrote: A very nice evening indeed. Grateful you have such generous friends near and thank YOU for visiting w/elderly friend’s mother 💕.
pluto178 wrote: Lovely that she is able to stay at home and be quite well received ……………my Grandma used to tell the same stories over and over and I would interject and say no Unlce Mike went with him or whatever………I just thought she forgot but now I am going through a much more revishing version of it I wonder how my Grandma coped for as long as she did whilst we just floated on by unaware what she was going through…..these days at least we are more aware. X
pluto178 wrote: Should read ravishing x
unknown wrote: Joint family 😋
Rajni wrote: Your visit to 97 year old mother is greatly appreciated. Friendship blooms with your active part.
gardengal10 wrote: You packed in so much good during your visit.
cheeka wrote: So glad you spent time with their 97 year old mother.
brindlegirl wrote: You are such a blessing to everyone you meet Mish. And how nice is it to have such hospitable neighbourly love xox
petroskryf wrote: Grateful you had such a lovely time with your dear friends, Mish. And thank you for reaching out with so much compassion to their elderly mother.

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