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Annual Trash Clean-up

--by MisterMindy, posted Jun 21, 2022
Mindyjourney and I did our annual trash pickup today, from our road to the main highway, about a mile and a half segment. We collected one large bag of the usual items: empty water bottles, beer cans, fast food containers and the like. Mindyjourney did the hard work of picking up the trash, I drove the UTV vehicle.

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Mish wrote: Kind caring for your community …well done 👍❤️
Rajni wrote: You both make a very good kindness combo. Both of you did a very good job. May others follow suit to show our love for mother earth.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU for supporting this annual activity! Hopefully, there will come a year when there will be no garbage to pick-up 😊.
cheeka wrote: Wonderful service to the community and the mother Earth!
brindlegirl wrote: You two are the Kindness King and Queen Duo. So much love for you both.
pluto178 wrote: Darn those knees its not your fault lol x
petroskryf wrote: You are such a kindness combo indeed! Thank you for caring so much.
kmbhai wrote: Well done 👍..
gardengal10 wrote: The earth is a cleaner, better place with your kindness caring.
Balou wrote: Thank you for keeping nature clean!

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