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✈️ Airport Connection 😊 ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 28, 2022

Surprised the non-English speaking food court worker with a goodie bag of an oversized salted caramel chocolate bar, Peace dove, quote card, and a generous tip with our gratitude.

Not sure she understood, but our smiles and kindness connection said it all 😊❤️😊.

*After a long day of travel, we arrived safely in beautiful Vancouver, Canada late last night fine. Few days here before we cruise 🇨🇦.
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unknown wrote: Wow, a lovely merry go round already ... Salted caramel. I would love to taste 💗
Mish wrote: Everyone speaks kindness…I’m sure you made her day 💕
ado wrote: Thank you for showing kindness to the lady. Hope you have a great trip.
pluto178 wrote: Sounds wonderful enjoy x
gardengal10 wrote: Wonderful!
Rajni wrote: Words are secondary things. You did a very good job of appreciating Food court worker. Have nice and kind time in Canada. Wishing you fun filled and memorable cruise travel.
brindlegirl wrote: Everywhere you go you leave a trail of kindness and love. Bless you Mindy xox
Helenconnell2 wrote: Enjoy your visit in Vancouver. A friend of mine lived in Vancouver for two years but I didn't get to visit. However, we have other friends in Alberta and spent a wonderful time with them.
Balou wrote: Traveling kindness .... enjoy your vacation!
petroskryf wrote: Enjoy every moment and take care as well!

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