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Helping At Any Opportunity

--by lt33, posted Jul 2, 2022
We saw a lady pulling her long cart that had 3 big bags of mulch on it. We watched her go towards her car from the lawn and garden area at Wal-Mart. I was looking to see if the employer would  come out to help and assist her, but no one came. So, I asked her "Ma'am do you need help with that? My son can help you." She was surprised and pleasantly replied  "oh yes sure thank you!"
I was parked right beside her as we were loading our groceries. She thanked us and wished a good day. My son wasn't expecting anything in return and he felt good knowing that he could  lend a hand to others in need 👍 As we all do here on Kind spring 🤗

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Mish wrote: Beautiful & caring ❤️
Margazhi wrote: You have a beautiful son. And thank you for working as a team ... God bless 🙏
pluto178 wrote: Absolutely x
drjoybug wrote: Nice help
Rajni wrote: By inspiring your son to help that lady you are planting seeds of kindness in his heart. That will blossom in BIG tree in future. Job well done.
fairykats wrote: So Wonderful!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you so much for helping and encouraging your son to do the same.
DANCE wrote: Very kind

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