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Since I Missed My ...

--by cyctw, posted Jul 10, 2022
Since I missed my last week of school because of COVID, a few students wanted to see me. Today we were finally able to connect and they surprised me with these flowers, along with some freshly picked 🍒, some vegan banana bread one of them made, and a card with with a message that continues to remind me of what an honor and privilege it is to work with the most caring and special human beings that I've ever known 💚. As most teachers would say, "I love my students 💜!"

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cabbage wrote: You are an awesome teacher and beautiful human being. Your love for your students shines right back at you. Glad you are feeling better. You are deeply appreciated. And i totally relate to "i love my students" because i feel the same way :-) and know exactly what you mean by the privilege of teaching them.
cheeka wrote: What an excellent student-teacher relationship!
DANCE wrote: So kind to show appreciation for your work. Hope you are feeling well
fairykats wrote: YAY. It is a very special relationship.
pluto178 wrote: So lovely x
Mish wrote: A good teacher…you…is well-loved 💕💕💕
petroskryf wrote: You are indeed privileged to have them... and you students are as well to have you!
Rajni wrote: Your students are just returning the love and caring acts you have showered upon them, You dearly deserved their love with flowers, bread and cards.
janfour wrote: you are loved and valued
lt33 wrote: Glad you're feeling better what a nice surprise from your students 😀

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