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--by kmbhai, posted Jul 10, 2022
On the occasion of world Environment Day planted a plant near the railway crossing area with the help of Gateman at crossing.
Also gifted some plants to Gateman. He was very nice person.He promised for caring the plant. So many thanks to him.

Happy World Environment Day ..💐💐

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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for continuing to guide by example 🌱. Bless that wee plant and those who care and admire it 🙏.
brindlegirl wrote: Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!
brindlegirl wrote: Thank you for planting this plant. We know the world needs more trees. THank you
fairykats wrote: This made me very happy, thank you.
pluto178 wrote: Wonderful. X
Mish wrote: Thank you for doing this, dear kmbhai. Beautiful 🙏
Rajni wrote: Planting a tree is very good for our mother earth. Thanks
Annc wrote: Thank you for your kindness to our earth and its inhabitents!
DANCE wrote: Thank you very much, such a kind gift for th world
petroskryf wrote: Thank you, Kmbhai, for your kindness to the Planet.

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