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Supporting Dad

--by kat94, posted Jul 17, 2022
My dad has been feeling pretty down and discouraged lately. He's been in the hospital for 2.5 weeks and is now recovering there from an open surgery he had done on Thursday.

Today I brought him a blanket from home as he was saying he felt cold these past few nights. To help with the boredom I bought him some new books to read and some crosswords to work on.

More than anything, I know he's grateful that I'm visiting him daily and trying to keep his spirits up. This past week I've been going to his house more frequently to clean everything up that way when he eventually comes home to continue to heal, he doesn't need to worry about anything 💕
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Readers Comments

Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for making your father feel better from everything.
pluto178 wrote: You have always been a kind and sensitive daughter thats what he will appreciate more than anything else….well done x
Mish wrote: Prayers for a good recovery for your Dad, Kat 🙏. I echo the above comments. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being so supportive of your father as he recovers. Every little kindness and thoughtful act is a healing balm :))).
Kmbhai wrote: Prayers for fast recovery of your dad..
butterkind wrote: You are a very supportive and thoughtful person!
petroskryf wrote: So kind of you to reach out to your dad with all sorts of practical help during this challenging time. Thank you!
DANCE wrote: Prayers for him, you are kind looking after him
ado wrote: Thank you for taking care of him at the hospital and also making sure he has a comfortable place to stay in when he is back home.
cabbage wrote: You are so kind--sending you and your dad big hugs and healing wishes.xoxoxo

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