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❤️ Kindness Serendipity…..

--by Mish, posted Jul 17, 2022
💕 My husband shared about a wonderful synchronicity that came from a kindness act he did this morning at the dermatologist office, when he gifted the doctor a Bob Marley tape. I asked him to write it up in his own words so I could share it here as it really blew our minds (in a good way, lol).

💫 Here’s what transpired:

“When I went to the dermatologist last May I wanted to have her check some dark marks on my toe. I knew that Bob Marley died from melanoma on his toe which was overlooked. She was very surprised that I knew about it because while he has many devoted fans not many knew this fact.

It turned out to be nothing. Pshew! When I went for a follow up visit I brought her a copy of "Bob Marley's Best" as I thought every dermatologist should have one. Synchronicity struck.

The nurse who prepared me was Jamaican with dreadlocks down to her knees. When she asked how i was, I said, "Everyt'ing be Irie." (Jamaican for “everything is good”). Quite a chuckle followed.

Then I gave the doctor the Marley CD. She seemed a little stunned. She told me that this was one of her favorite CD's and she had recently misplaced it. Hmm. She said that I made her day. I told her that it also made me very happy.”

So fun this kindness 😉
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DrJoe wrote: Love it! Bob marley is an exceptional example of how love and kindness makes the world a much, much better place.

"one love, one heart".
pluto178 wrote: Well it sounds like she had a couple of magical visitors lol x
TheBigShelb wrote: Love this story!
mindyjourney wrote: Magic in sooo many ways! 🦄
gardengal10 wrote: Oooh, that gave me goose bumps! (in a good way)
drjoybug wrote: Superb!
DANCE wrote: Great reading it, thank you both!
lt33 wrote: Oh how awesome synchronized moment 😇😃
Rajni wrote: Kindness fits well with dermatologist.
fairykats wrote: "Everyt'ing be Irie." I ADORE this lol

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