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Kindness At Home

--by SissyLee, posted Jul 23, 2022
I have been home ill with a sore throat and feel like I have nothing to post about kindness. I am not out and about or doing much.
I have signed petitions, sent off emails to a friend and my mother and loved up the animals as best I can.
I came across this Jane Goodall quote. Thought the group would like it.

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DANCE wrote: Beautiful quote. Hope you'll feel better
Balou wrote: Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I do hope you will feel better quickly and once again appreciate the sun shining, the shimmer on the fur of your little beauties, the whispering of the wind ... and this is one of my alltime favourite quotes from this grand dame!
mindyjourney wrote: Sorry you’re not feeling well. Thank you for making such good use of your at home time.
Mish wrote: I echo what Mindy said, Sissy ❤️
patjos wrote: There's a time for everything, a rtime for taking it easy and getting well :)
Rajni wrote: Your throat was sore but your sharp mind shined well. You did a wonderful job.
fairykats wrote: You were not able to get out and about and are feeling bad, yet you made the effort to come here and post something for us all to think on. That is a lovely kindness, indeed.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Beautfiul!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for taking time to share this although you didn’t feel well. Please listen to your body, rest and take your meds. Thinking of you.🧡
pluto178 wrote: Never fear not being able to carry out a kindness everyday….as you state here you already do kindnesses every day…..but kindness is an opportunity that presents itself to us we don’t have to go out and find it…….hope your feeling better soon x

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