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Reminders And An Interesting Book

--by Helenconnell2, posted Jul 23, 2022
Yesterday was very busy with deliveries and collections so I was determined to take today at a slightly slower pace. I belong to a writers' group and I joined a Zoom call this morning to discuss and write some flash fiction. Before the call, I was listening to a podcast about Loving which I listened to last year and Richard Rohr and Jacqui Lewis were discussing how we can love people who come from a different culture to our own. Richard spoke about Native American Initiation Rites.

I had written a flash story the other day and I mentioned Native American rites so it was good to be reminded of where the idea had come from.

I have also been approved by a publisher to read an advance copy of a book. It is coming out in August and I will try to publish a review nearer the time of it publication. It's written about the situation in the UK but I'm sure it will resonate in other cultures.
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pluto178 wrote: Wow your amazing x
gardengal10 wrote: When I read reviews of books, I often seen "advance copy" How nice that I "know" someone who will be doing this. :)) congrats!
Mish wrote: Good stuff, Helen! 👍
Rajni wrote: Your love for reading books and writing reviews shines well. Thanks.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for for sharing your view and talents, dear helen!
DANCE wrote: Excellent, I'm sure your contribution will be much appreciated

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