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Hearts Connect Us

--by cabbage, posted Jul 24, 2022
A few months ago someone gifted us a roomba, robot vacuum cleaner. We already have a regular vacuum cleaner and I didn't really see us using this new one, so it just sat in its box.

One of our neighbors is moving away (next week) to a new house and I thought of asking her whether this might be something she could turns out that she enthusiastically replied YES!! Her new place has hardwood floors and her daughter was asking if they could get a roomba but she said they would have to wait and see....and now she doesn't have to buy one!
 I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to see her daughter's response when she came over AND she was as excited about the flower seeds I gave her from our backyard to plant in their new home so that they will always have a piece of our circle with them....she was really touched.

The nice thing is that the daughter will still be working in our town, and I told her that if she ever needs to stay over and not drive 45 mins to the new house, our home is always here for her.

She also told me that she was so touched that I chalked up a big pink heart on the front of our house on the occasion of their going away/farewell party (since their last name is Valentine!)....I haven't had the "heart" to wash it off yet either...I told her maybe after they move I will rinse it off. Or maybe not--I like being reminded of how our hearts are connected to everyone :-) 
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Mish wrote: Yours is a heart of love 24/7 ❤️ Beautiful.
fairykats wrote: Don't you love it when you can find a home for something you don't really need or want! Cheers :]
Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart is turning precious than diamond. Your positive thoughts attracted your neighbor as a new owner of your Roomba. Your kind acts are very inspiring. Thanks,
Helenconnell2 wrote: That is so wonderful and great you were able to do it.
kmbhai wrote: wonderful. We share, what we have. .
Balou wrote: What a lovely connection!!!
pluto178 wrote: Such warmth is rare and always appreciated. X
Heartofflesh wrote: Your open welcome must have given them joy !
butterkind wrote: Sounds great, cabbage for sharing and connecting with hearts.

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