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Side by Side Neighbors

--by Mish, posted Jul 24, 2022
🐞Ladybugs & Gelato…..

My next door neighbor wowed me twice this afternoon. I went out to talk with her and when I offered her the pint of gelato that we couldn’t open, she told me to wait a minute…..she went in her house & came out with a rubber band…said she could get it to open right away by putting the rubber band around the lid! And she did…1, 2, 3!,
I couldn’t believe it. Never knew :))

When I told her I wanted to give it to her she said, “no, you enjoy it…you earned it!”
(Trying to open it a few days ago is what caused my needing stitches in my thumb, would you believe! πŸ€ͺ

🧀 I noticed her garden gloves were very worn as we spoke. I have a few new pair that a charity had sent me, so I went in to get a pair & gave them to her. The gloves were decorated with ladybugs 🐞 …she loved them & I was fascinated by the Legend of the Ladybug (shown below) she shared with me!

I told her she’s a font of knowledge & an amazing woman πŸ₯°.

❀️(We’ve been side by side neighbors for about 30 years & we share so much love & laughter. A true blessing πŸ™)

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anne2 wrote: I love this! So lovely to visualize your encounter and all the love and wisdom that comes from neighborly love! Thank you for sharing and I too love the ladybug legend!
greenurlifenow wrote: You are so wonderful, Mish! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
janfour wrote: i did not know about the Lady's Bugs - thank you
mindyjourney wrote: Very sweet exchange 🐞 πŸ’•!
unknown wrote: Happy to see your neighbour care for you. Hope your thumb is ok? What did you do to get stitches 😳
petroskryf wrote: Sweet kindness indeed. Lovely legend and wonderful to have such neighborship.
dotmatrix wrote: Awesome. β™₯.
Rajni wrote: You did not succeed to give pint of gelato, you didn't give up and garden gloves. Ladybug was a bonus to both of you, in a decoration or on paper.
cyctw wrote: i'm trying to picture how this trick works. I'll have to give it a try! daughter and i were at the beach on Wednesday and she had a ladybug land on her arm. i carefully removed the beautiful creature and admired the geometry of the black disks on its wings. nature has done such an incredible job of creating beauty in this world<3.
butterkind wrote: Wow! Great neighbor partnership :)

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