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Some More Soaps To Give Away

--by Margazhi, posted Jul 31, 2022
An employee of the sanitation department showed up at the doorstep. He was spreading awareness on segregating waste between degradable and non-degradable. Bless him.
He also insisted that I share my contact details. While I politely refused to share details, I saw to it that I handed him soaps for the sanitation workers. While he was not happy that I didn't want to share details, he was still happy that I gave him soaps. We bid adieu with a smile unto each other. Corona's on the rise in India. Stay safe peeps.
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Mish wrote: Wise not to share contact details 👍
janfour wrote: nice of you
Helenconnell2 wrote: Very kind of you and a wise decision not to give contact details.
Rajni wrote: We all know that prevention is better than cure. You are doing a very good job.
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind (and understandable re the info). ♥
kmbhai wrote: nice ..
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing soaps and for being mindful of your personal info :)
Balou wrote: Very wise not to share your contacts! .... and so kind to give away soap! Stay careful!

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