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A Sandwich And A Bottle Of Water On A Hot Day

--by greenurlifenow, posted Jul 31, 2022
I often go to a local restaurant to get take out food, and often notice a an older man sitting outside, with a baseball cap on the ground in front of him for people to leave spare coins or money for him.

This morning, I got an extra sandwich and then went to see if he was there.

He was, so I went to a nearby corner grocery store to get a bottle of water to give to him, as it is getting very warm this weekend.

I offered them to him, and he accepted both, and I told him to take care.

I felt so bad knowing that he likely did not have any place cool in which he could seek refuge. 😢
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pluto178 wrote: In this heat it can be a nightmare………thanks for caring x
Mish wrote: You hold a tender, caring heart. Bless you. ❤️🙏
dotmatrix wrote: Thank you for your kindness. Really great. ♥.
Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart did a very good job.
kmbhai wrote: beautiful..
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for thinking of him and having something ready to give him. Your thoughtful kindness is a gift 🎁.
Rajni wrote: Camping worked magic on you. Your posts on camping will work on all Kind Springers,
Balou wrote: Thank you for this kind gesture!

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