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🌹 A Freedom Of The Heart ❤️

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 6, 2022

Since the florist had put each rose (45!) in a water vial - good for a few hours, we decided it was best to hand out our anniversary roses, pronto!

Straight from camping and feeling a little rough, we set to work sharing.

Propped a rose at apartment doors where my sister lives. Handed one to each bingo player at the Center. Saved a rose for me, for my niece, rhubarb sharing friend and brother-in-law’s home altar - where other sister’s ashes are resting along with some momentos. The bouquet remainder, we gave to passing tourists, as we sat on a shady bench in front of the Center.

So many congratulations and wishes we received, along with a few disbelievers of “Free? You mean you’re just giving these away?”

The price of love is a freedom of the heart, don’t you think?

How fortunate MisterM and I realize and celebrate this joyous truth!

*Many thanks to a kind friend and the delicious gift of fine chocolates.

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Balou wrote: What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! Happy anniversary from me as well .... and with thet lovely gesture you sure inspired others as well!
kmbhai wrote: Very very happy anniversary to both of you. You always rocking ..
myfbil wrote: What a lovely way to share your special day. Congratulations and happy anniversary!
DANCE wrote: Must be such fun to do this! Thank u and happy anniversary
scully wrote: Wow so awesome!
dotmatrix wrote: Happy Anniversary! ♥.
pluto178 wrote: Happy anniversary and well done although I am not so sure the rhubarb giver should get one…… many people usually avoid them lol x
gardengal10 wrote: Happy 45th Anniversary!!
janfour wrote: beautiful
Mish wrote: I love how you always share the joy with others on your Anniversaries 👌🏻❤️

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