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Kind Like Mother

--by brindlegirl, posted Aug 14, 2022
Earlier in the week the beautiful woman opposite me in the top left hand corner of photo took us all out for dinner.

Her name is Susan and since moving here this woman has loved on me and showered me with kindness. My mother died 11 years ago, her name was also Susan.

This woman around my mothers age has become like a mother to me and has made me feel so welcome in my new city and town.

It’s the open hearted kindness and love from others that truly make the world go around. Bless all them all 🌸

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pluto178 wrote: You have certainly settled into your new community beautifully x
kmbhai wrote: so much love to all of you..
Balou wrote: A beautiful connection, you all look happy! Glad ypu were welcomed to your new home!
Mish wrote: Your beloved Mom in Heaven sent Susan to you ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: That is no coincidence re Susan 💕 😊. So grateful you have found such kind support and friendship!
Rajni wrote: Your love for your mom manifested in MS, SusanHave nice time,
SissyLee wrote: That is beautiful.
myfbil wrote: How lovely!
DANCE wrote: How wonderful to have her
scully wrote: So nice to have that connection

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