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A surprise!

--by brindlegirl, posted Aug 14, 2022
Arriving at work yesterday a staff member came up to me and said “a lady came into our store today and said she had a gift for you”.

Surprised I went out the back to discover this. A yummy carrot cake. It made my day!

Kindness is always found in the simplest acts 🥰

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Balou wrote: Oh, what a lovely surprise! Your kindness coming back to you!
Mish wrote: A birthday gift perhaps? Since yesterday was your birthday 🎂
mindyjourney wrote: A nice surprise! 🎂
Rajni wrote: You dearly deserved this surprised gift. Enjoy it.
SissyLee wrote: Sweet surprise. How wonderful.
butterkind wrote: Lovely surprise!
myfbil wrote: How sweet! Well deserved.
dotmatrix wrote: Happy belated birthday! Carrot cake is my fave. ♥.
heartofflesh wrote: i wish i could send you some sweets from India
kmbhai wrote: looking delicious .. Enjoy it..

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