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🏠 Raise The Roof!

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 14, 2022
🏠 Raise The Roof!

Found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot and knew the right opportunity would present to share.

Dropped it into the donation box at the Center for their upcoming fundraiser lunch 😊.

The Center REALLY needs a new roof!

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Rajni wrote: You did a very good job. May your kind act inspire others.
janfour wrote: wow! that money found the right personπŸ’›
scully wrote: Nice one Mindy!
kmbhai wrote: God is with you in your kindness box..Thanks,,
brindlegirl wrote: Always paying it forward and blessing others with love. I so love how the $20 note found exactly who it needed to in order to pass it on with love xox
heartofflesh wrote: good act
dotmatrix wrote: Nice! β™₯.
warmth wrote: Lovely
Balou wrote: Well done!
pluto178 wrote: Its on the way to a full repair x

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