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Helping Hands

--by greenurlifenow, posted Aug 20, 2022
There is a local group that collects items like sleeping bags, socks, underwear, clothes and other items to distribute to members of the community who are in need.

I dropped off a couple of sleeping blankets, a couple of packages of new socks, and a package of new underwear today.

Housing is often unaffordable or unavailable and many are struggling to manage costs for necessities like food, clothes, toiletries and more.

It is wonderful to see people who care about and do so much to help those in the community who may be struggling to make ends meet,
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DANCE wrote: Thank u for doing this
pluto178 wrote: Well done x
Mish wrote: That’s so great…thanks to you & to this local group 👌🏻🙏
janfour wrote: thank you for helping
Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart did a wonderful job.
Balou wrote: Thank you for the help! Costs of living are rising quickly where I am and too many people do no longer know how to make ends meet ....
Helenconnell2 wrote: Well done!
dotmatrix wrote: Awesome. ♥.
DANCE wrote: Thank u!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU for your contributions to those in need, my friend.

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