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Action Time

--by kat94, posted Aug 24, 2022
I saw some garbage floating in the sea while swimming yesterday. It's tourist season over here, and I've noticed there's more garbage on the shore as well.

I gathered everything in a plastic bag and th
rew it out afterwards. Grateful to be able to soak in these amazing views.
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Mish wrote: Well done, Kat! 👌🏻 Awesome photo 👍
pluto178 wrote: So sad that its necessary so well done x
scully wrote: Beautiful and thank you
drjoybug wrote: I agree with wavingatyou..I don't understand just throwing litter on the ground. I also know there are some cultural aspects about what to do with litter.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Well done!
mindyjourney wrote: It is a pet peeve of mine and often carry something to put trash in that comes my way. Thank you for making a difference 🌊.
dotmatrix wrote: So gorgeous. Thank you Kat! ♥.
janfour wrote: good for you cleaning up!!
fairykats wrote: Way to go. Isn't that awful that there's so much trash in our wilderness areas. Thank you.
Balou wrote: Thank you fr picking it up .... agree with the others ... it is not really difficult to keep our waste until we can safely depose of it ... or even better, not create waste at all, but that is beig made difficult by shops and companies selling everything with so much wrapping ....

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