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A Bag Of Goodies For A Stranger

--by greenurlifenow, posted Sep 2, 2022
On my way to the Dollar Store, I saw a man (who appears to be homeless) sleeping in a doorway.

I believe that is his spot, as I could see stuff nearby that seem to be his belongings.

I decided to get a few items for him, including a cold Lemon iced tea, a reusable water bottle, some Reese’s peanut butter cups and some other snacks (tuna with crackers, chicken with crackers).

I hope they brightened his day a bit.

I was thinking that next time I see him, I may ask him if there are some specific things that I could get for him.
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greenurlifenow wrote: I also got a bag of new socks for him, and a small bag of O Dutch potato chips.
greenurlifenow wrote: Old Dutch..
pluto178 wrote: This is real kindness very useful to him thank you for being so thoughtful x
Mish wrote: You are an awesome helper of souls. Bless you. 🙏
Rajni wrote: Rays of light coming from your heart brightened stranger's day. You did a wonderful job.
mindyjourney wrote: And that, my friend, is how we change the world 🌎 ❤️. Thank you!
drjoybug wrote: Good idea to ask what he might want
dotmatrix wrote: So great. Thank you for doing this. Hand wipes, SPF lotion, a hat in summer, scarf, gloves in winter, and hand warmers. I included a waterproof notebook and pens too, and packs of gum when I sent out artist packs years ago. ♥.
patjos wrote: thank you. Socks very important :)47
petroskryf wrote: You have such a kind heart! Thank you for caring and reaching out.

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