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Looking Out For Each Other

--by Mish, posted Sep 5, 2022
❤️One of the things I love about living on our block is how we all watch out for one another.

Earlier today one neighbor texted me that there will be spraying tomorrow to reduce mosquitoes in the neighborhood between 8:30 PM - 6 AM. She sent a picture of the flyer with pertinent info about.

I hadn’t known & was grateful to know & sent her back a thank you. 🙏

I then texted 5 others on the block about, so the info is being shared 👌🏻

(My husband just saw there are some flyers posted on the telephone poles about it too.)

People looking out for one another ❤️
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Readers Comments

drjoybug wrote: Well done.
Balou wrote: Your neighbourhood really is awesome!
mindyjourney wrote: it’s a community of kind-minded folks! :)))
greenurlifenow wrote: That is awesome.
gardengal10 wrote: Great neighbors!
dotmatrix wrote: Reminds me of that Guthrie quote, "I want to return to the time when people lived in small villages and looked out for each other." It's not time that needs turning, it's hearts eh? You live in a beautiful hood. ♥.
Rajni wrote: Mish, you did a very good broadcasting of important news.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Wonderful!
petroskryf wrote: You are really such a special community of people, Mish.
pluto178 wrote: Well you know me and little uns even mosquitoes we have already changed their DNA so we don’t get SCA which is good for us but shortens their life…….so should we be spraying them and shortening them even further. We wont stop because humans tend to look at whats easiest for them so spray and they are gone……..but look to your own lungs you are inhaling what is killing them……….if I put on the hat of a conspirator I could have a field day…….is that really what they are spraying lol. I guess it is though but I promise you I never use chemicals in my garden I attract birds to do that job for me and my home is an extension of my body the outer part of me that houses and protects me but if I add chemicals to it inside and out it will be my lungs that suffer. Cleaning products cause cancer as we inhale them as we work etc., also using bleach will get things clean but if you scrub with bleach and rinse in warm or hot water it releases a chemical thats bad for you…….only rinse in cold water and you wont have that problem……..but we dont know this so we carry on ‘cleaning’ our homes and putting chemicals on our borders and lawns……….yes you may have the best lawn and cleanest shower but at what cost. So next time a council meeting comes up ask them what are the potential problems associated with spraying chemicals over a residential area………….scary but true. X

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