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Doves in Motion

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 5, 2022

Our dear Kind Spring friend, Petro, is battling a serious health challenge with side effects from the treatment.

Since the Awareness Doves I mailed 2 ½ months ago have not yet arrived (they do have far to fly!), I folded more to share in Petro’s honor as we visit our regional hospital today. Giving them, along with a note explaining why, to the appropriate hospital staff for them to share as they see fit.

As the blessing of Awareness Doves continue their flight to our dear Petro, please envision each Dove arriving exactly where it needs in order to add strength, encouragement and healing. 💖 🕊
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Sandra Miller wrote: What a sure way to spread kindness - prayers and doves! Recently during a doctor/patient meeting, my husband's doctor (where he was receiving radiation treatments for cancer) as she spoke took a blue piece of paper and while talked, she folded the paper into a dove of hope. Perhaps she had read your post. If so, your thought spread across the world. Kindspring is stirring kindness in many! Prayers for petro.
Balou wrote: My letter has not artived wither, what a pity .... but the idea to fold and give away doves is a beautiful idea!
Helenconnell2 wrote: A beautiful idea!
ado wrote: I can't think of a better way to support our dear Petro. Thank you.
Rajni wrote: May Almighty God heal dear Kind Spring friend, Petro of all the ailments and its side effect and help keep health at its best.

Each awareness dove will work as a prayer of healing. Thanks sister Mindy for playing your part well.
pluto178 wrote: Good health will be restored Petro any time soon…….take care x
Mish wrote: Yes, it takes a very long time for mail to get to South Africa for some reason. I’m sure my birthday card hasnt resched her yet. She’s in my daily prayer 🙏
kmbhai wrote: So many prayers for dear Petro .. You have very kind idea. This will add so many prayers in his healing ..
dotmatrix wrote: Prayers, love, and light are ongoing. She is loved indeed. ♥.
SissyLee wrote: Much love to Petro and to you.

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