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Distributed Strawberries And Love

--by Butterkind, posted Sep 5, 2022

Yesterday in the parking lot of Homedepot (a hardware and nursery store) there was a fruit truck selling fruits. The seller was walking car to car trying to sell his strawberries box.. i took a big box for 15$. It had 6 mini baskets of strawberries in it. One of them is shown in the picture.

I knew I could not finish them all before they went bad. So, today I asked my teenaged son to give some to our neighbors. He initially resisted but he did eventu
ally go to three of our neighbors and knocked on their doors to give each one a basket.

On returning back home, he told me that this is what he said to them, which surprised me! “Hi I am your neighbor and my family
and I are going around spreading love to the neighborhood by giving out baskets of strawberries .. would you like any?”

They gratefully accepted. One neighbor didn’t take it as they were going out. I too went to a neighbor and gave a basket. Just a sweet interaction. :))
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greenurlifenow wrote: That’s such a lovely and kind gesture. πŸ‘
Mish wrote: Beautiful strawberries shared by beautiful you & son πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ“πŸ™
Rajni wrote: You are sowing seeds of kindness in the hear of your son. His creative kindness infused love in strawberry baskets. Both of you did a wonderful job.
kmbhai wrote: wonderful. Strawberries are looking so fresh..
pluto178 wrote: So lovely x
dotmatrix wrote: Such a sweet kindness (pun intended). β™₯.
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's really lovely!
mindyjourney wrote: What a sweet way to share kindness! πŸ“
DANCE wrote: Wonderful, thank u

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