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Recognition For A Job Well Done.

--by SissyLee, posted Sep 5, 2022
I stopped in my favorite cafe before work to get a much needed coffee and cookie. I was cutting it close, timing wise. when I went in, the line was long and only two people were working when there are usually 3-4.
I really needed that coffee. So I stood in line and decided if I was late for work, oh well.

When I got to my turn, I remarked that they were sure slammed. The harried barista said, OMG yes and we are down a person, too. She thanked me for being so patient and I waved it off. Left a little xtra in the tip jar.

Sometimes a kind word of recognition can go a long ways. The easing of her face when she saw I understood was like a little spring rain.
They were doing their best for their customers.
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Readers Comments

greenurlifenow wrote: That was such a wonderful act of kindness by you, SissyLee. 👍
pluto178 wrote: It does help when your stressed and people dont add to it so well done x
mindyjourney wrote: Yes, a little understanding and compassion go a loooong way!
Rajni wrote: Robert Johnson wisely said that "The World is run by those who show up."

We never know how difficult it may be for those who showed up. Thank then that they are there to serve you.

Your compassionate heart did a wonderful job. May others get inspired.
petroskryf wrote: So agree with Rajni’s words. Thanks for your recognition that day. ⭐️🌸
DANCE wrote: A little can go a long way :-)

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