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Love from U.S. to South Africa

--by petroskryf, posted Sep 8, 2022
A parcel of love arrived today at my home, almost three months after it was mailed to me from the US to South Africa. I am overwhelmed, because all the contents were picked out with so much care and love. I realized anew how much goodness there is still in this world. And how much people still care about others, even those ones they have never met before. Thank you, dear Mindy, for the lovely parcel and all the beautiful things you sent me! From amazing peace doves to a gorgeous sun catcher mandala, a lovely handmade purse with all sorts of kindness cards inside, Smile Cards, and a sachet with stickers with the nicest messages. (Of course I will share the doves and help to spread the kindness.) And a post card sending me well wishes and love. Mindy, I cannot say thank you enough! πŸ’“πŸ•Š

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DANCE wrote: Beautiful kindness
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, dear petro! So happy you finally received the package πŸ•Š 😊. I guess the doves given here in your honor helped these ones reach you! Blessings of continued healing and love πŸ’• πŸ•Š.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm so glad your package finally arrived because I know Mindy sent it to you about the same time as she sent something to me. You are so right about the kindness in the world.
Mish wrote: Always a parcel of love from Mindy. And you so deserve, dear PETRO. Bless πŸ™β€οΈ
scully wrote: Mindy’s love and care packages rock!
DotMatrix wrote: Mindy is super thoughtful. So much love in those packages. β™₯.
pluto178 wrote: So glad it has lifted your spirits x
lilacgrace wrote: I am SO pleased you finally received it. Miracles never cease.
Rajni wrote: Dear Petro, You got really a very nice gift from sister Mindy who always packs lots of love in each parcel. Thanks

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