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Honor My Son's Special Birthday

--by Rajni, posted Sep 8, 2022
On August 7, my son's birthday, I gave Happy Birthday Quote cards, Quote cards, chocolates, cookies, groceries, school uniforms, Textbooks, notebooks, pencils, backpacks, Mathematical compasses, T-shirts, and little donations to needy people.

For this milestone birthday, I wanted to do something extra special but didn't know what to do. While giving the above-mentioned things in the morning, the mom of one student requested that I buy a bicycle for her son who has to walk a long way to school. We went together and bought one. It is used but with new tires and in very good condition. He loved it

I thank Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me this special opportunity and for helping and guiding me.

The image is from the internet, not of the actual bicycle.

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petroskryf wrote: Bless your generous soul, Rajni. Thank you for doing this.
cyctw wrote: so very kind of you, rajni.
mindyjourney wrote: How wonderful your gifts in son’s birthday honor! Happy birthday to your dear son and many happy blessings 😊 πŸ•Š.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for your generous gifts
Mish wrote: Wow!!! What a wonderful thing to have done!! Birthday blessings for your son. β€οΈπŸ™
dotmatrix wrote: This is awesome, Rajni. β™₯.
greenurlifenow wrote: That is so kind. πŸ‘
pluto178 wrote: Such a lovely thing to do x
patjos wrote: How wonderful Rajni :)

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