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A Real Teacher's Aid

--by lewski711, posted Sep 9, 2022
I've started to come in and get my class ready for this year's group of students. On my way out yesterday, I saw a couple I knew walking their dogs. I find out that the husband's brother was looking at people's wish lists on Amazon and he found mine under the school I work for. He asked the couple if they knew me. They said he did, they told me he purchased something from my list.
I don't even remember this list. Must have been a few days back. They said they didn't know what he bought for me. No matter what it was, I was so grateful that this stranger was helping me and my students out.
Today, I get two boxes and in them I find these items: thirty calculators, an updated language book that I use daily and a box of 36 dry erasers. Wow!



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pluto178 wrote: WOW indeed x
Mish wrote: Never heard of this…what is this Amazon wish list???
gardengal10 wrote: How wonderful!
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's wonderful and as a retired teacher I can imagine how much that meant to you.
Rajni wrote: You are doing your vacation "homework" very well. That is very good.
lewski711 wrote: Mish, here's a link that tells about the wish list. :)
Mish wrote: Thanks, Lewski 👌🏻
greenurlifenow wrote: That is so wonderful.
petroskryf wrote: You have been blessed. Thanks for sharing.
dotmatrix wrote: Super cool Lewski. Bill Gates sent out the teacher lists saying he would add 30 percent and several of my favorites got funded, one from my hometown. I think it's a great idea. ♥.

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