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--by dotmatrix, posted Sep 11, 2022
Sent a personalized circular Gallifreyan painting and some handmade D&D cookie cutters to my son and his wife for their first anniversary, then left a glowing review with photos for the artist on Etsy.

Found handmade gifts for our "Christmas in August" celebration in two weeks when my daughter and granddaughters and their father and aunt visit. They are beautifully crafted and amazingly priced so I left a glowing review with photos.

My good friend's daughter announced her engagement. I've known her since she was a little girl (but only online). I sent her a handmade necklace with her name and her new fiance's and she loved it. Same deal, great review. It really helps the artists. 

And I was able to gift my husband too. I found a company in Ukraine that is still making hand-carved wooden items and found some guitar picks that they personalized. They just arrived and I plan to leave a great review too -- and to purchase from these artists again whenever possible. To have so much going on, a war, so much stress, and to create beauty -- I want to support that as much as possible. This is what under1000skies is all about come to think of it.

I finished the Spotlight Saturday final draft interview with Matt Salis of SAME Cafe in Denver and that will be out this Saturday. I can't wait for you to read it. Matt and his wife do beautiful work.

Gave JohnnyO an hour of my time today, 30 minutes listening and taking notes for his memoir, and about 30 minutes follow-up and transcribing for Volunteer Biographers. We began officially doing this weekly in November 2020. In December 2020 John turned his life completely around. His story inspires me every week. His heart of service and boundless enthusiasm for learning and helping others touch my heart.

I think I am up to 25 gifts (not counting the half-hours with John since March -- I think those should only count once).  I have about ten half done so far and, once done, I'll be over halfway there.

A gift to me
For my birthday this year, John bought me Rich Roll's coffee table book. I was so touched. We found that we share the love of Rich's podcast. So this week and next on under1000skies, the theme is the Rich Roll podcast and his guests as a special thanks to John.
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Mish wrote: Wow!!! Now give yourself the gift of some rest, Dot!! Awesome…that’s what you are!! ❤️❤️❤️
pluto178 wrote: Blimey O’Reilly your super human lol x
petroskryf wrote: This really deserves a WOW. Thank you for sharing, Dot.
Rajni wrote: You make your kindness counting machine run fast. Dot, you are doing a very good job.
mindyjourney wrote: Your birthday kindness will last all year! Thank you :))) 🕊
kmbhai wrote: Very nice..
DANCE wrote: Lots and lots of kindness :-)

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