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Kindness Is An Opportunity 💕

--by Margazhi, posted Sep 11, 2022
Gave a big hug to my flower lady when I saw her the day before. Saw her daughter too. Have requested her to be there by her mother whenever she feels strong. And I asked my flower lady to be there by her daughter if she feels stronger. After all, a mother and a daughter are grieving. My flower lady's delivers flowers the last few days. He's 30 years old. I am sure my flower lady would want him to get married. Thinking of her.

She has let me know that she will call me so that I go drop a garland on her husband's photo. I said yes. I am sure that will make her happy.

Others: The lad that came today to give a demo for the new washing machine was very patient and descriptive. Gave out an incense box to him. He smiled. I kissed my old machine before I let her go. Despite all the neglect, she served my parents for 14.5 years. We in India are yet to get into use and throw culture. We live with our machines for years and I like that ... And it was cute when my organic store kids reminded me of the sugar candies that have come. I had long enquired about it. Felt special that I already chewed a tub of candy once it arrived 😋 God bless these kids.
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mindyjourney wrote: Always a kindness force, my friend. thank you 🕊.
Mish wrote: Thank you for always spreading kind acts 🙏❤️
Rajni wrote: Your thoughts, words and action has become very kind.
kmbhai wrote: Thanks..
DANCE wrote: Thank you for all of it

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