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Uplifting Independence Day

--by Margazhi, posted Sep 18, 2022
My shopkeeper from nearby is my junior from my sister's school by 3 years. He now runs a school for children from blue-collared families here in India. So, I donated a small sum to him now.
Why? Tying a flag on my balcony grill or tucking a flag on my kurta is no big deal. Showering tri-coloured flowers on India's red fort is no big deal either. These are certainly nice gestures but not enough. But to help uplift ones that will genuinely benefit out of today feels right. I am yapping not of me but of children that will benefit from my shopkeeper's efforts. The poor deserve to live just like us. That's the wicked plan like how Blackadder says to Baldrick 😋

Jai Hind 🇮🇳
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Balou wrote: Availability of education is so important .... thank you for making it possible for those kids to get a bit more education!
DANCE wrote: Thank you, I'm all for Education :-)
Rajni wrote: Your intention behind your help shows your compassionate heart. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: Bless 🙏
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your donation to those in need, my friend. Education in the key!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you xx
dotmatrix wrote: Education frees us. Beautiful gift. I had to look up Baldrick and Blackladder. =) ♥.

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