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The Messenger Of Peace

--by kmbhai, posted Sep 18, 2022
The Messenger of Peace !!

A serious question raised by a little girl. We met this little girl on our journey. She is very cute and frank. Her mother runs a tea shop and she also used to help her. We stopped at her shop for tea break; she was very excited to see us and looked curious. So one of our journey mates called her and offered tea with us. She smiled and sat with us and started asking questions. We were very surprised at how smart she was!
She raised some good questions on peace & war. She said we all are human and we all have the same blood in our body so why do we fight? For a while we were silent. Because we didn't have the right answer. But we had to give some answers. to know the answer, we are doing this journey. One of our journey mates said let's come with us to know the answer to your questions. She said yes and started riding on our cycle. We were very happy to see her enthusiasm and excitement. But we couldn't take her with us. So we honored her with a garland and peace doves. We also gave her some toffees and peace pamphlets. She and her mother both were very happy and inspired. We were also very inspired by that girl. She gave us new energy and thoughtfulness.

Thanks to her..

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DANCE wrote: What a beautiful connection, so glad to see such young ones caring and engaging for a better world
fairykats wrote: Those cheeky youngsters!
drjoybug wrote: She asked a good question
Mish wrote: Such a sweet meet! Love this ❤️
Rajni wrote: No doubt, we all have the same red blood. Blood supplies the energy to the body The body fights with each other. Body is governed by our mind. Our mind percept differently depending upon our education, character and wisdom. It is our mind that is responsible for peace or war and not the blood itself.
DotMatrix wrote: What a great story. A smart, beautiful kid. That was a blessed meeting. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: What a dear wise soul, she is the future of Peace. Thank you for encouraging the dialogue. Oh, and what a sweet photo!

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