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Birthday Gift To Myself

--by cyctw, posted Sep 24, 2022
As I was leaving Starbucks this morning, I held the door open for the gentleman walking in. I reversed direction and followed him back into the store hoping he would place his order at the counter...more and more often people are ordering through the mobile app. As luck would have it, he stepped up to the counter. 

After he ordered his drink I stepped in and said, "may I buy your drink for you?" He asked why. I replied, "it would be your birthday gift to me." The barista looked a little confused, but he got it and gladly accepted. Giving and's a lovely dance.
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Tulip wrote: Happy belated birthday 🕯️ 🎉
cheeka wrote: Lovely. Many happy returns of the day!
DANCE wrote: Happy kind birthday :-)
petroskryf wrote: Happy belated birthday and thank you for your kind gift to the gentleman, 👏🏻⭐️
Balou wrote: Oh, Happy Birthday! .. what a nice birthday gift!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Such a lovely gift!
Mish wrote: So cool, cyctw! & 🎈 HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! 🎈
drjoybug wrote: Great idea
mindyjourney wrote: Happy birthday, my friend! And not better way to celebrate than by giving ☕️ 😊
unknown wrote: Lovely 🌹 happy birthday 🎈🎂🎉

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