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--by Christine88, posted Sep 24, 2022
Two men came into the office yesterday to pick up an item. One was admiring a piece of metal ornament I had. It was a snake made from a nail. He was admiring it so much.

They left and came back into the office. While they were waiting, I wrapped up the ornament. I wrote don't open until you leave.

As they were leaving, I told the young man, here, this is for you. He was happy and said thank you and God Bless You. I hope he liked it. I had it for about 20 years. I figure, ah, let it go onto to someone else and they can get enjoyment out of it.
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pluto178 wrote: Waste not want not x
Mish wrote: That was a really special sharing…from your heart, Christine ❤️ Great to see you back here 😘
ado wrote: This is so generous of you. Thank you for giving it and as it is said "the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose".
lt33 wrote: From what I learned when you give away something you really love to someone else that really likes that item too it comes back to you again so what a lovely thing to do 😁
petroskryf wrote: Such a kind and brave thing to do.
Helenconnell2 wrote: An excellent idea!
dotmatrix wrote: So kind and thoughtful! ♥.
Balou wrote: Beautiful surprise for him!
DANCE wrote: Thank you for being kind to them
mindyjourney wrote: Giving away something you’ve enjoyed for so many years is a special gift! Thank you.

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